Friday, August 20, 2010


A garment of luxury and sacrifice,that is was essential to highlight woman´s breast , mold and shape the torso.



In the early 1800s, corsets were seen as undergarments of support for women and girls as young as four. Women were considered extremely fragile and corsets were thought to keep them standing upright. Organs became so deformed by the time girls hit their teens that they could not sit or stand properly without the aid of a boned corset. This is where Hollywood got the idea that women fainted often; but it wasn’t because of frailty but rather the inability to draw deep breaths of air. The higher a woman was in society, the tighter her garments were. Servants and working women didn’t wear them every day because their constraint made it hard to do even the mildest labor. And a loose corset was usually the sign of a promiscuous woman.

Nowadays corsets are a symbol of seduction, comfort. An exotic and erotic garment.

Issey Miyakes 1980 Autumn/Winter collection

Thierry Mugler, spring and summer 1992

Dolce & Gabbana, spring and summer 2007

Jean Paul Gaultier-Madonna-1990

Lady Gaga wearing a studded corset with some firelights

Dita Von Teese